A Flood Could Cause Extensive Damage To Your Home’s Electrical System

Whether your home is flooded by a rising creek or a burst water pipe, you could have extensive damage to repair. The water can even damage your home's electrical system, and that makes it harder to dry out your house when your power is out. Once all the water is removed and your home is dry, call an electrician to check your electrical system and make repairs where needed. Here's how an electrician can help you after a flood. Read More 

Install A Home EV Charger So Keeping Your Electric Car Charged Is Easy And Convenient

If you're undecided about buying an electric vehicle because you're concerned that charging it will be a problem, then you should install an EV charger in your garage. Having a charger at home means your car will always have a full charge when you're ready to go somewhere and you won't have to search for an open public charger. EV charger installation isn't that difficult. It's the same as installing any other appliance, such as a dryer, that pulls 240 volts of electricity. Read More